Full Electric Control Panel
Price: $1125.00


Are you not feeling like working today? I have an appealing idea! Go to the site and playcasino mit handy einzahlen. You are in charge of your mood! 16x16x8 inchTwo PID controllers and two element outputs. 30amp system. Fully tested and assembled. We can also do it as a kit for $595.00

Natural Gas or Propane Control Box
Price: $795.00


12x10x8 Two PID controllers and two pump switches. Comes fully assembled and tested.

Kit Price $425.00.

Full Electric Kit for Kettle
20141216_195659 (1)
Price: $150.00


220v element, silicone washer, stainless nut for inside of kettle. Drilled single gang box. Box Cover. 220v 6 ft cord, Plug. Will drill your kettle for 20 dollars extra


Temp Controller
Price: $16.00



Temp Controller in box
Price: $75.00

You can plug up to two heating or cooling sources, or one of each!!!

We can wire it both ways for you. A lot of people use a heating strip on one outlet and their freezer plugged into the other.

Heating tape.
Wide Heat Tape Assembly
Price: $15


12 inches of heating tape with a soldered 2 prong cord. Recommended with a temp controller.

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